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Over 700 print and online reports as well as websites, magazines, brochures and numerous national and international awards all demonstrate our passion for conceptually, visually and linguistically outstanding communication.

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Awards (Excerpt)

Quality is very important to us. That's why in recent years we’re pleased to have developed some of the most award-winning digital projects worldwide. But for us, awards are not an end in themselves. To generate high reach or visibility, it sometimes needs a particularly creative or innovative solution.

"Since going public, the team at IR-ONE has won us over with concepts, processes and designs individually tailored to ABOUT YOU – whether ESG or annual reports and as PDFs or interactive websites."
Sinah Brendig, About You Holding SE
"For our annual report we’re in the best possible hands with IR-ONE: a modern design, well-founded, linguistically outstanding texts and appealing layouts. The project managers always keep a close eye on all the deadlines and processes. The result speaks for itself."
Anette Auberle, Marketing Manager, init SE
"Timely, effective and creative – that's what working with IR-ONE means to us."
Karin Opgenoorth, Splendid Medien AG
"Two years of successful cooperation with IR-ONE – both the constructive advice and smooth implementation were very helpful. Not least because we’ve greatly appreciated close communication, especially when things get hectic."
Dennis Bader, Delivery Hero
"Whether it's a sustainability report, annual report or attractive website, IR-One made it fit for us. We feel we’re in good hands all around."
Ruth Fislage, Corporate Communications, apetito AG